Jixie for Publishers

Delivering AI-based user data intelligence for a better monetisation and users' engagement

The money problem

Medias create content, attract audiences and generate data whereas 80% of ad revenues go to intermediaries. 

It is not sustainable for the media industry.
https://adalytics.io/blog/adtech-supply-fees & internal study


The Attention problem

Perpetual scroll is the competition.

Publishers need to sustain good content creation while facing increasing competitive landscape for readers' time and attention.

Jixie' answers to the problems


ID sync with major Advertisers

Easy integration through a single script.

Control & optimise ad-demand

Reduce advertising impact on UX & less involvement of IT.

Promote your inventory to Advertisers

Direct connection to Advertisers without intermediary.

Data touch to direct campaigns

Jixie profile reporting & unique ad-formats.


Recommendation gateway

Connect any recommendation engine in no time.

Multi=platform video player

A single measure of performance for all players.

Audio/Video platform

Get full control on your media content & monetisation.

Content transformation

Publish your articles on podcast platforms and more.


Jixie Scale

Scale with our marketplace and through Header-Bidding. 

Jixie Scale manages the complexity of Header-Bidding solutions for Publishers, compatible with display, instream, outstream, native, hard coded and more.

Jixie scale also allows to connect directly with Advertisers in full transparency.

Jixie Direct

A world class content server allowing to delivering both ads and content to value each pixel of your properties while providing total flexibility.

Flexible as it can serve any content (ads, recommendation, video player and more), Innovative with dedicated ad-formats, Targeted with extended targeting options, Inter operable as content can be served using any ad-server or through Header-Bidding, Transparent and flexible with extended reports.


Jixie Media

Low cost, performance oriented industry leading media platform for audio and video.

Horizontal, square, vertical videos are covered, with or without DRM.

Automated synchronisation from your existing platforms: don't change your current processes.

Multi-platform video player allowing to play and recommend videos from any hosting platform, Jixie or YouTube, Dailymotion and more. 

Jixie Engage

Jixie content gateway connects all the sources of content through a single API for web portals and mobile applications.

Add or remove recommenders, change editorial source and more without any impact on the front-end, all managed server-side using Jixie dashboard.

And benefit from the best recommenders with no additional integration like BytePlus, AWS or Azure and more.


ID synchronisation

The solution for a cookieless world.

Jixie provides a "all-in-one" easy to deploy ID sync that minimises the calls to ID providers to both reduce the impact on pages and preserve privacy of users: ID providers are called only when there is no existing identity stored in the 1st party cookie.

Understand your audience

Know your audience and its interactions with your properties.

Build and sell audiences to Advertisers, on Jixie or using your usual ad-server like GAM.

Make a difference for your direct sales with profiles reports of users interacting with ads.