Explore our unique creatives

With Jixie you will always find a creative that suits your needs. And if you don't, just ask us to make one for you.

Jixie handles numerous types of creatives in different sizes: display images, videos, HTML and more. We also build specific ads for specific needs.
Our ads are lightweight and optimised for performance, and we are also compatible with any 3rd party ads and tags, for both display and video (in-stream or out-stream).
The creatives examples below can be served either directly by Jixie, or using another ad-server like Google Ad Manager or others.
Feel free to contact us if you have any specific ad you would like to implement.

Display Creatives

IAB compatible display ads. Can be used directly in any of our container, any ad-server or using header bidding.

Video Creatives

IAB compatible video ads for video players or out-stream. They can be pure video or hybrid.


Dynamic Product Ads, display or video, with predefined bundles of products or automated retargeting.

HTML Creatives

We can accept any HTML or script ads. You can provide us directly the files, or the ads can be served from any DSP using a tag.

Video Players

Add native video using YouTube players, Dailymotion players or any other video player including our own player to your pages.

Preview your Ad

You can preview any ad managed by Jixie.

Which container for which usage?

Jixie ads can be displayed in various containers. It offers a great flexibility for publishers but it can also be confusing. There is obviously Jixie containers themselves, but also any other ad-server containers like GAM or Header Bidding containers.

OSM and universal unit

These are the 2 main containers provided by Jixie. The difference between the 2 is that OSM allows to integrate several sources of content (Jixie, any other partners like for example outstream partners) and it will optimise how to spread the traffic amongst the partners to maximize revenue. The universal unit is for content served by Jixie only. It can be a dedicated ad-slot on a page or a video player for example.

Ad units from other ad-servers

Content provided by Jixie can be served in any existing ad-slot managed using any ad-server, for example using Google Ad Manager. When using such solution the content is constrained to the size of such slot, which is usually a IAB standard size. It is not suitable for some content like social network posts or similar. However, most of our creatives can scale up and down to adapt to a given space.

Header bidding belongs to that category as usually it is integrated in conjunction with an ad-server.