JIXIE for Advertisers

Connect directly with Publishers

Jixie is a AI-driven ad-tech solutions provider for Advertisers and Marketers.

Market Challenge

Advertisers, brands and their agencies are not directly connected to publishers. Instead, it is through numerous intermediaries with specific roles.

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High Costs

Most of campaign cost go to intermediaries, who optimise their margin, and not to the publisher, which incurs additional costs for the Advertisers


Inventory is unknown before trying: there is an additional discovery cost of the inventory when running performance campaigns


It is difficult, expensive or impossible to match users on publishers with users from the CDP/CRM of the Advertisers


JIXIE's Answer to the Challenges

A SaaS solution based on Header-Bidding to connect directly Advertisers with Publishers allowing ID synchronisation.




Better ROI of campaigns


Brand Safety


User Matching

JIXIE's Positioning

Jixie focuses on and facilitates private exchange market, e.g., market on invite only and 1-to-1 deals


Toward a sustainable and fair media industry

Prevent Bids Manipulation

Advertisers benefit from direct connection without intermediaries to get complete transparency which eliminates manipulation of bids.

Jixie’ SaaS fee is transparent and directly integrated in the bid made on Publishers’ properties, and reported to Advertisers.

Detailed Reporting

Jixie provides in near real time the performance and cost for delivering any campaign, in all transparency, for any inventory they used.

Access to Logs

Advertisers have access to log level data for further processing by their own teams. These logs integrate also the value of the winning bid.

It allows Advertisers having their own DSP to optimise their strategy of bidding on publishers’ inventory.

Better ROI on Campaigns

Reducing campaign cost while increasing Publishers’ revenue

Optimisation Engines

Advertisers can easily estimate  the cost of their campaigns based on bids forecasts.

When using Jixie light DSP, Advertisers benefit from Jixie's CTR optimisation engines.

No Intermediaries

Save on costs by removing intermediaries, who make in some cases up to 90% gross margin for performance marketing (CPC)


Average cost reduction when using Jixie

Brand Safety

Control the Inventory

Jixie also offers the possibility to blacklist keywords, negative articles, and the ability to control the context in which the brand is presented.


Select ad-units from Publishers


Sign online or offline contract 


Connect your DSP or use Jixie light DSP


Detailed reports of the performance

User ID and CRM/CDP Integration

Introducing Jixie ID

Jixie ID is a free to use and not encrypted ID based on email, phone number or cookie for anonymous users. It also allows to get access to interests and intends of users


Connect your ID source with Jixie



Connect Connect your ID source with Jixie



Use Jixie ID to target users on Publishers’ inventory



Jixie also synchronizes other external IDs on behalf of Publishers like TTD UID 1.0 & 2.0